In Place

This was one of the most glorious mornings of my life.

Mid summer and the sun is low and strong enough to cast my shadow from the edge of the cliff back into it.

You can see the light becoming whiter and harsher as the day progresses.

You can see my shadow moving lower and lower down the cliff as the sun rises.

I love Nos. 4 & 5 where the waves wash right through me.

I felt completely In Place.

One thought on “In Place

  1. Very interesting idea! The participation of your shadow is so different at different times of the morning. I like number 4 the best, with the water washing over you with some dramatic waves. And toward the end, I loved the tiny sailboat past the cliff, which made a surprise correlation between opposite corners. In number 5 I liked you standing in the middle of the mouth of the cave, but to keep you in the shot the camera range was more limited, and the water-caves are so fascinating. Thanks for sharing this experience!

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